Family Law

Your personal relationships and family can present some of the most joyous, as well as some of the most trying, moments in your life. At the O’Brien Firm we offer a full range of services in an effort to meet your needs, whatever your place in the spectrum of life.

Our matrimonial practice is centered in New Jersey, with our areas of representation including, but not limited to: prenuptial agreements; all aspects of divorce litigation (contested and uncontested); pre- and post-judgment issues, as well as modifications of existing Orders; equitable distribution of marital assets and debts; spousal support; child support; relocation issues; college contribution; and child emancipation issues.

Additionally, we are pleased to be practicing at the forefront of a rapidly developing area of law that significantly affects the LGBT community of New Jersey in such a positive way, specifically that of co-parent/second parent adoptions. While we handle all manners of traditional adoptions, as well as adoptions by step-parents and/or grandparents and domestic confirmations of international adoptions, we concentrate our adoption practice on co-parent/second adoptions.